Which NFT Marketplaces Are Projected to Be Hot In 2022

NFT marketplaces

It’s evident that non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have become the in-thing in the crypto world. Recent research has it that the trade volume of NFTs was approximately $24 billion in 2021.

Of course, these tokens must be posted on NFT marketplaces to attract buyers. With the many non-fungible token marketplaces available today, finding one that caters to your best interest as a seller or buyer and is reliable and secure can be challenging.

Below is a comprehensive guide on the top-rated NFT marketplaces available today.

OpenSea (the Best Overall NFT Marketplace)

Starting our list is OpenSea, the largest, first-ever, and most diverse NFT marketplace available today. In fact, according to recent research, this platform had an NFT trade volume of about $5 billion in January this year. So, why is OpenSea the best NFT platform?

For starters, it is a marketplace for an extensive range of digital assets, from domain names to art, music, game items, and more. OpenSea is known to have the largest liquidity pool compared to any other NFT marketplace. This means that people can easily purchase or sell NFTs on this platform.

Creating (otherwise known as minting) an NFT on OpenSea is pretty straightforward. What’s more, it also has a user-friendly interface, making it easy for buyers to find NFTs that suit their needs and preferences.

OpenSea has a couple of interesting, unique features that enhance people’s experiences on the platform. For example, there’s the NFT gifting feature.

This feature allows you to send and receive NFTs as gifts from other OpenSea users. And the best part? This feature also works with other people on other NFT platforms. So, you can receive NFTs as gifts from individuals on other NFT marketplaces.

OpenSea is also in the process of establishing new safety features to boost the platform’s security. For starters, the platform recently announced that a new two-part copy detection system is being set up on the marketplace. This feature will enable individuals to find rotations, flips, and other versions of original NFTs, therefore preventing people from being victims of plagiarism.

SuperRare (Best for Individuals Interested in Art NFTs)

SuperRare might be the NFT marketplace for you if you are an art enthusiast. So, what is SuperRare NFT?

SuperRare is an NFT marketplace where individuals can buy and sell curated art NFTs from a group of selected artists. In other words, it’s an exclusive NFT platform that lists a variety of curated digital artwork by prominent and upcoming NFT artists.

Usually, SuperRare thoroughly vets every NFT artist that wants to sell their digital artwork on the platform. So, it is rare for you to find a fraudulent NFT. Moreover, the quality of the digital artwork pieces on this platform is higher than on other NFT marketplaces because it has a standard on the quality accepted on the platform.

Another thing that makes SuperRare unique is that it only accepts a single edition of each digital artwork. Unlike other NFT marketplaces that allow individuals to create a series of editions of their NFTs, SuperRare only takes one edition, making each NFT unique.

SuperRare also has a reputation for connecting traditional art with NFTs. For instance, it recently partnered with Miami Art Week to give artists and collectors an NFT and digital artwork experience.


This is another excellent NFT marketplace for people looking to purchase or sell NFTs. Like most other top-rated NFT marketplaces, Rarible allows individuals to buy and sell a variety of NFTs, from music to art, domain names, and so on.

One Rarible feature that stands out is the lazy minting feature that allows users to mint NFTs without paying gas fees upfront. What’s more, the platform has partnered with OpenSea, enabling NFTs on Rarible to be viewed on the OpenSea. This is an excellent way to get your NFTs to a larger audience.

Rarible is also aiming to be a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO.) So, it rewards NFT buyers and sellers on the platform with Rari tokens. A Rari token is a Rarible native token that people can purchase or get rewarded with to become members of Rarible. Individuals who hold these tokens get voting rights on decisions and other endeavors concerning this NFT marketplace.


Mintable is also an impressive NFT marketplace. Like Rarible, this platform has the lazy minting feature. Those that want to mint their assets without high gas fees will find Mintable an economical platform. Lazy minting is a great initiative as it does away with the burden of paying gas fees, which can be a barrier, especially for new NFT creators.

However, lazy NFT minting means a higher marketplace fee for the purchaser, which is quite a disadvantage.

This platform also has a high-quality NFT authentication process. In fact, it is the first-ever NFT marketplace to conduct authentication procedures on NFTs on the platform.

The authentication process involves a reverse image search to confirm the authenticity of a particular NFT. So, when an individual mints an NFT, Mintable automatically searches the internet for any copies of the NFT and lists them on the buyer’s page.

Nifty Gateway

If you’re looking for an exclusive digital art NFT marketplace, Nifty Gateway is your platform. Like SuperRare, this marketplace values quality over quantity when it comes to NFTs. So, the marketplace features curated and verified digital artwork pieces. This means that buyers are guaranteed to get top-notch quality and authentic NFTs.

Another unique feature of this NFT marketplace is the custodial wallet option. With this option, Nifty Gateway acts as the third-party custodian of the NFTs bought in this marketplace.

So, purchased NFTs stored on this platform are held in a secure offline storage system called “cold storage.” Nifty Gateway then uses an “omnibus wallet” to move these NFTs around the marketplace without processing the transactions on the blockchain.

This option is ideal for buyers who want to purchase NFTs without cryptocurrency as a payment method. Moreover, this option means that sellers and buyers don’t have to pay gas fees.


As more and more people are taking note of non-fungible tokens, more NFT marketplaces will continue to surface. So, it’s essential to consider all the possible factors when choosing an NFT marketplace to ensure you join one that suits your needs and preferences.